I will tell you about myself here, but there are some things I would like to know about you.  

What is your unique story?  What is important to you in general?  How do you live each day?  What is important to you in your transition?  Are you excited about your move?  Why are you moving to Austin?  What is important to you in a home?  These are just a few of the questions we will be discussing when we chat.  I find the more I know about you, the more I understand what is important to you, the more I can help you create the life you are seeking here.  Now a little about me...

I’m a native Texan and moved to Austin in 1986 to attend University of Texas, where I graduated with honors. My natural aptitude for psychology, counseling, teaching, and law lead me to a career in real estate.

I have a unique collaborative relationship with my clients. The attributes that help me help others are: I am accessible, knowledgeable, and intuitive. I listen with my logical brain and my heart; buying and selling property is a financial and psychological adventure. What does a home or property mean to you or to your family? I am here to uncover your deepest needs, address your concerns, solve any problems, and reduce your stress level. I am resourceful, connected, knowledgeable, energetic, creative, and a powerful advocate and negotiator for my clients. I rank in the top 1% of agents in Austin(most recent available data). I’ve sold hundreds of properties.

My interests in real estate started in 1991 with my first flip. A real estate passion was born and I’ve never bought a home where at least one wall didn’t come down! My experience gives me a unique vision for properties, with  knowledge in remodeling and construction.  This experience has greatly helped my sellers prepare their homes for sale, as well as helped my buyers understand underlying issues before purchasing a home. I have worked with individuals, investors, builders, multi-generational families, first time home buyers, and many couples who have completely diverging visions of their perfect property. (For some people, I am the most important therapist they will ever have).

Whether you are looking to move to a new neighborhood, moving from out of state, or moving from another country, I am always ready to find your dream property in this truly vibrant, diverse, and beautiful place.

Things that matter...
Austin Home Girls Realty Is a proud sponsor of Bastrop Animal Rescue.