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2900 Aster Pass-large-032-30-Rear Exterior 010-1500x997-72dpi 2900 Aster Pass-large-016-17-Formal Area 740-1500x1000-72dpi 2900 Aster Pass-large-001-2-Exterior Front 348-1500x991-72dpi

2900 Aster Pass – $259,900 – Click for virtual tour

Lost Valley Rd-MLS_Size-002-1-Exterior Front 02-1024x768-72dpi Lost Valley Rd-MLS_Size-006-3-Family Living 01-1024x768-72dpi Lost Valley Rd-MLS_Size-031-29-Rear Exterior 14-1024x768-72dpi

SOLD! 401 Lost Valley Rd  $575,000 Click for Virtual Tour

510 W 18th St Unit 107-MLS_Size-028-23-Rear Exterior 741-1024x768-72dpi  510 W 18th St Unit 107-MLS_Size-007-29-Family 885-1024x768-72dpi 510 W 18th St Unit 107-MLS_Size-015-8-Kitchen 349-1024x768-72dpi  SOLD! 510 WEST 18TH Street Unit #107 $425,000 Click for Virtual Tour

3607 Lucas Dr-MLS_Size-002-11-Exterior Front 02-1024x768-72dpi 3607 Lucas Dr-MLS_Size-007-29-Formal Area 01-1024x768-72dpi  3607 Lucas Dr-MLS_Size-020-12-Formal Dining 04-1024x768-72dpi

SOLD!!! IN CENTRAL AUSTIN!  3607 Lucas Drive, Austin, Texas 78731 $849,990

504 Dream Catcher Dr-MLS_Size-001-6-Exterior Front 367-1024x768-72dpi 504 Dream Catcher Dr-MLS_Size-035-37-Rear Exterior 677-1024x768-72dpi504 Dream Catcher Dr-MLS_Size-011-1-Family Kitchen Dining 575-1024x768-72dpi

SOLD!  504 Dream Catcher Drive, Leander, Texas 78641

14517 Naruna Way-MLS_Size-001-8-Exterior Front 01-1024x768-72dpi    14517 Naruna Way-MLS_Size-015-25-Master 01-1024x768-72dpi 14517 Naruna Way-MLS_Size-013-17-Kitchen and Breakfast 02-1024x768-72dpi

SOLD! 14517 Naruna Way, Pflugerville, Texas 78660

130 St Richie Ln-MLS_Size-001-7-Exterior Front 001-1024x768-72dpi 130 St Richie Ln-MLS_Size-005-27-Family Kitchen Dining 003-1024x768-72dpi 130 St Richie Ln-MLS_Size-009-25-Family Kitchen Dining 007-1024x768-72dpi

SOLD! in Belterra! 130 Saint Richie, Austin, Texas 78737

1615 Balsam Way-MLS_Size-001-17-Exterior Front 01-1024x768-72dpi 1615 Balsam Way-MLS_Size-013-7-Kitchen and Breakfast 06-1024x768-72dpi1615 Balsam Way-MLS_Size-030-18-Rear Exterior 02-1024x768-72dpi

SOLD! 1615 Balsam Way , Round Rock, Texas, 78665

1009 Cascada Ct-MLS_Size-001-17-Exterior Front 01-1024x768-72dpi 1009 Cascada Ct-MLS_Size-008-11-Formal Dining 03-1024x768-72dpi 1009 Cascada Ct-MLS_Size-013-27-Kitchen and Breakfast 03-1024x768-72dpi

SOLD!  1009 Cascada Court, Round Rock, Texas, 78681

 2509 East Side Dr-MLS_Size-002-11-Exterior Front 003-1024x768-72dpi 2509 East Side Dr-MLS_Size-007-13-Family Living 002-1024x768-72dpi 2509 East Side Dr-MLS_Size-015-27-Kitchen and Breakfast 004-1024x768-72dpi

SOLD!  2509 East Side Drive, Austin, Tx 78704

445 Twin Oaks Trail-MLS_Size-011-15-Family Living 02-1024x768-72dpi 445 Twin Oaks Trail-MLS_Size-015-40-Kitchen and Breakfast 04-1024x768-72dpi 445 Twin Oaks Trail-MLS_Size-022-33-Living Up 03-1024x768-72dpi 445 Twin Oaks Trail-MLS_Size-035-23-Guest House 01-1024x768-72dpi 445 Twin Oaks Trail-MLS_Size-039-20-Guest House 05-1024x768-72dpi 445 Twin Oaks Trail-MLS_Size-045-32-Rear Exterior 06-1024x768-72dpi


105 Spanish Oak Trail-MLS_Size-003-1-Exterior Front 253-1024x768-72dpi
105 Spanish Oak Trail-MLS_Size-006-3-Family Kitchen Dining 641-1024x768-72dpi105 Spanish Oak Trail-MLS_Size-001-2-Exterior Front 251-1024x768-72dpi

SOLD!  105 Spanish Oak Trail, Dripping Springs, Texas 78620 CLICK HERE FOR TOUR

2505 Del Curto Rd-MLS_Size-001-3-Exterior Front 01-1024x768-72dpi2505 Del Curto Rd-MLS_Size-016-16-Kitchen and Breakfast 02-1024x768-72dpi2505 Del Curto Rd-MLS_Size-011-7-Family Living 01-1024x768-72dpi

SOLD!  2505 Del Curto, Austin, Texas 78704    TOUR HERE                    

 1116 Grand Champion Dr-MLS_Size-001-1-Exterior Front 01-1024x768-72dpi1116 Grand Champion Dr-MLS_Size-006-30-Formal Dining 01-1024x768-72dpi1116 Grand Champion Dr-MLS_Size-019-11-Kitchen and Breakfast 09-1024x768-72dpi

 SOLD! 1116 Grand Champion, Austin, Texas 78732  Virtual Tour  

1500 Woodlawn Blvd Unit 2-MLS_Size-001-1-Exterior Front 01-1024x768-72dpi 1500 Woodlawn Blvd Unit 2-MLS_Size-007-6-Family Living 01-1024x768-72dpi1500 Woodlawn Blvd Unit 2-MLS_Size-015-14-Formal Dining 02-1024x768-72dpi

SOLD!  1500 Woodlawn Unit 102, Austin, Texas 78703     PENDING  

1302 Luna St-MLS_Size-001-Exterior Front 438-1024x768-72dpi1111 Reagan Terrace-MLS_Size-026-Reagan Terrace-1024x768-72dpi

           1302 Luna Virtual Tour   SOLD         1111 Reagan Terrace SOLD & LEASED


200 N Congress Ave 23A-MLS_Size-032-Pool Austonian 011-1024x768-72dpi1010 Karen Avenue-MLS_Size-010-Kitchen 308-1024x768-72dpi2110 Waterway Bend-MLS_Size-001-Exterior Front 029-1024x768-72dpi

200 North Congress Unit 23A   SOLD              1010 Karen Avenue  SOLD          2110 Waterway Bend  SOLD

6407 Kenilworth-small-001-Front Exterior006-666x459-72dpi  10701 Gaillardia-small-001-Exterior Front 001-666x442-72dpi16101 Braesgate Dr-MLS_Size-001-Exterior Front 231-1024x768-72dpi

      6407 Kenilworth  SOLD                         10701 Gaillardia   SOLD                         16101 Braesgate    SOLD

7400 Wood Cliff Dr-MLS_Size-001-Exterior Front 005-1024x768-72dpi 3704 Rocky Ford-MLS_Size-001-Exterior Front 933-1024x768-72dpi305 Lakewood Dr-MLS_Size-002-Exterior Front 001-1024x768-72dpi

       7400 Wood Cliff   SOLD                         3704 Rocky Ford   SOLD                           305 Lakewood Drive  SOLD

1575 S Rainbow Ranch Road-MLS_Size-006-Front 011-1024x768-72dpi 1803 Groveton Cove-MLS_Size-001-Exterior Front 874-1024x768-72dpi 1010 Karen Avenue-MLS_Size-002-Exterior Front 188-1024x768-72dpi

    1575 S. Rainbow Ranch   SOLD                    1803 Groveton      SOLD                                 1010 Karen      SOLD

1045 Hidden Hills-MLS_Size-004-Exterior Front 306-1024x768-72dpi

 1045 Hidden Hills     SOLD